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GPCA is a cutting-edge U.S.-based brand and product development firm that brings harmony to your outdoor adventure, a fast-growing product line covering automotive, EDC, and even your dogs. Please email to learn more about dealer signup and grow with GPCA.

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Carabiners, Reimagined

Unleash the power of the GPCA Carabiner PRO. From box cutting to securing everyday essentials, it's your multipurpose ally for a life of adventure.

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Carabiner Line

Grip the Thrill

With the foldable GP-Grip PRO, embrace a 360° view of your surroundings on your next adventure. The world's at your fingertips - seize it.

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Freedom to Explore

Take in the great outdoors with the flexible GPCA Cargo Covers. Offering varied configurations, they safeguard your gear while you savor your expedition.

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Cargo Covers

Support for the Ride

Step in with ease using GP Back Grip Pro. Designed for your convenience, it's the perfect blend of function and safety in your vehicle.

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Passenger Girps

Adventure Unleashed

Embrace freedom with the quick-release Tie-down Anchor PRO. With no tools needed for hard top removal, it's your passport to spontaneous adventures.

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Lead the Adventure

Introducing the GPCA Dog Leash PRO - a leash that doubles as a tethering system. Furry friends and outdoor pursuits finally share common ground

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Dog Gear