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Adventurer EDC Kit deal

Adventurer EDC Kit deal

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  • Solid built key carabiner PRO with most-used essential multi-tool
  • Handy box cutter with a riding base makes daily package opening a breeze
  • Both Philips and flat screwdrivers for a quick fix anywhere
  • Bottle opener plus refined Pry edge with more leverage
  • Independent keychain hole – never lose your key
  • Secret capsule  – carry an added flintstone and more
  • GIZMODO “Makes a Ton of Sense.”


What is the material grade and finish for the Aluminum, Steel, and Titanium edition?

We handpicked the most hardworking material for our GPCA Carabiners:
(Al) Aluminum 6061 - Aero-grade, anodized Light-brush finish, commonly used on Apple iPhones.
(Ss) Stainless Steel 420 - Harden, Light-brush finish, commonly used in knife blades and construction projects.
(Ti) Titanium TC4 - Dark Metallic, Satin finish. Excellent biocompatibility and strength-to-weight ratio. Widely used in the aerospace industry and the medical industry.
Titanium Edition multi-tools are made of Titanium which is pretty amazing that we offer all the tool modules in Titanium except the screws and the Philip screwdriver. The multi-tools on the Aluminum Edition are stainless steel with the same quality as the Steel Edition.
Comparing to all models, Steel and Titanium maintain the look very well over a long period of time from daily use and scratches. Aluminum is softer, but some people like the weight and don't mind some minor marks over time.


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Kick-ass Combo of the Best Sellers. Built for adventurers at an amazing combo deal.

  • GPCA Carabiner Steel Edition Red Steel Ring
  • GP 1945 Bolt Action Pen Aluminum Black Version
  • GPCA Money Clip Steel Black Version
  • Red Key Tag (FREE Add-on)
  • Night Rider Reflective Decal (FREE Add-on)

GPCA Carabiner package gift box, EDC with most used essential multi tool

GPCA 1945 Bolt Action Pen Lite, with multi-tone whistle pro

12.GPCA Money Clip keychain Jeep Wrangler-2 600x600

Adventurer EDC Kit deal

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GPCA Carabiner

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Introducing the GPCA Carabiner from California

The Multi-tool Utility Carabiner / Patented

Refining a carabiner by carving material out to build the most-used utility features, adventurers can do more with less.

EDC (Everyday Carry) is about adapting your gear to your needs. Striking a balance between utility and ease of carrying means a lot of choices between tools to get everything just right.

The quick and easy way to maximize the utility of your EDC is with a minimal carabiner but with the most-used essentials.

GPCA Carabiner, this basecamp for your EDC is carved from a solid block of fine metal. Simple practicality and quality craftsmanship go into everyone.

gpca carabiner pro features multi tool key chain

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