GPCA Carabiner FAQ

What is the difference between the GPCA Carabiner X/ PRO/ LITE/ LOOP lines?

The PRO is an upgrade to the LITE, has both the Philip and Flathead screwdrivers integrated with the carabiner for you to do more with the tools whenever needed. It's also lighter than the LITE. Inside the package, the PRO comes with the Torx tool for maintenance. The PRO uses a line locker to lock the box cutter, there is no line locker on the LITE. The overall dimensions are the same ( 4.13" x 2.1" x 0.6", 105mm x 53mm x 15mm ) designed to even fit your hand comfortably for box cutting. Carabiner X has extra grip space and 2-zones, (5" x 2" x 0.6" 127mm x 51mm x 15mm), 
you may use it with your furry friend in addition as an EDC carabiner. Carabiner Loop is our new line in veries compact sizes with the 1-action lever with essential multi-tools.


GPCA Carabiner PRO LITE LINE comparison dimensions workload


What is the material grade and finish for the Aluminum, Steel, and Titanium edition?

We handpicked the most hardworking material for our GPCA Carabiners:
(Al) Aluminum 6061 - Aero-grade, anodized Light-brush finish, commonly used on Apple iPhones.
(Ss) Stainless Steel 420 - Harden, Light-brush finish, commonly used in knife blades and construction projects.
(Ti) Titanium TC4 - Dark Metallic, Satin finish. Excellent biocompatibility and strength-to-weight ratio. Widely used in the aerospace industry and the medical industry.
Titanium Edition multi-tools are made of Titanium which is pretty amazing that we offer all the tool modules in Titanium except the screws and the Philip screwdriver. The multi-tools on the Aluminum Edition are stainless steel with the same quality as the Steel Edition.
Comparing to all models, Steel and Titanium maintain the look very well over a long period of time from daily use and scratches. Aluminum is softer, but some people like the weight and don't mind some minor marks over time.


Can I use it for climbing?

No. It's not rated for it.
The design intent is to still build an awesome EDC (Every Day Carry) carabiner but not a professional climbing gear.
It's strong especially on the Steel and Titanium edition, you can hang your hammock no problem, but it's not rated for climbing as we mentioned on the feature list, so it's NOT for climbing. In terms of loading weight, Ss and Ti stay strong all the way up to 300 lbs - much more than any heavy person (still NOT for climbing considering all situations that can happen), Al stays strong up to 120 lbs - much more than anything to carry or the force to tie something down in your daily life.

What is the weight difference between Ti, SS, and Al Edition on the PRO?

Ti (Titanium) Edition (Limited Stock): 2.5 OZ/ 70 Gram (compare a 5 Gram Ti Ring at $100-$300)
Ss (Stainless Steel) Edition: 4.1 OZ/ 116 Gram
Al (Aluminum) Edition: 2.5 OZ/ 68 Gram


What material is LITE version? Is it smaller?

The LITE is machined Stainless Steel unibody. It's the same overall size as the PRO versions. ( 4.13" x 2.1" x 0.6", 105mm x 53mm x 15mm )


What is the inner space of the carabiner for fitting my hand in it?

It can fit 4 fingers in it comfortably/ snuggly for most people. The widest area near the top bar is around 3.1" (80mm), the height is 1.2" (30mm).


What accessories do you offer for the GPCA Carabiner?

We're developing a few cool accessories for it, but here are some you can purchase:

What is the Red ring add-on material and is it easy to swap?

It's Ss (Stainless Steel) for durability. If you open the closing gate inward and unscrew the ring all the way to the top to swap. Some red rings could have some thicker coating inside the inner thread, you can hold it tight with a piece of cloth and screw it in and out to smooth it out over time. Adding some lubricant could help.

Where is the secret capsule?

If you open the closing gate inward and unscrew the ring all the way to the top, you will find the secret slot on the closing gate(not on the ring) near the screw thread area.


Where can I find replacement parts for my GPCA carabiner?

Please email for parts. For the most part, you could re-tighten them using the Torx 6 and 8 tool, taking a thin piece of fabric between the tool and the screw could help avoid stripping since it's a small Torx screw. You may need to apply low strength Loctite if you want to completely fix the screw.


I am a traveler, what does TSA compliant mean to the GPCA Carabiner?

TSA is a U.S. air safety regulation. Our carabiner complies with this regulation as the compact box cutter/ knife is modular and removable by using a Torx 8 driver. Please note that TSA regulation is for the United States. Many countries have similar regulations that follow the US, however, some do not allow tools on planes such as Australia. If you are a frequent traveler we suggest you check your local regulations to be sure. If you have any uncertainty we recommend you just simply place the carabiner into your baggage to avoid any issues.


How to change/ remove the cutter on GPCA Carabiner?

1. Unscrew the Torx 8 screw
You could unscrew using the Torx tool that came with the box, taking a thin piece of fabric between the tool and the screw could help avoid stripping since it's a small Torx screw.
replace GPCA carabiner pro lite cutter blade2. remove the cutter and insert the parts back the same way. Take a photo so you can follow the same order of the parts. You may need to use a small rod/ tube to guide the parts in from the side holes before putting back the female screw. Once all the parts are in place with the female screw in place, you can screw the male screw in. You can use some low-strength Loctite to fix the screw.


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