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GPCA Jeep Wrangler JL 4DR Cargo Cover PRO

GPCA Jeep Wrangler JL 4DR Cargo Cover PRO

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A Cover Built for Transformation

Designed for the everyday Jeeper for the most versatility

Transform the Look and Added Security for Your Cargo Area: The first flexible Jeep Wrangler JL / 4xe 4DR Cargo Cover PRO under your hardtop/ soft top/ topless. Help protect and keep your valuable possessions stored in the cargo area of your Jeep, while safely hidden from view with this fantastic cargo cover.

Top-Quality Design: This cargo cover was specially built to be easy to install and remove. Made of water-repellent Double-layered PRO-grade Polyester, with structural form-fitting stiffeners. This cover mounted to solid metal Tie-down D-plates is also tear-resistant, lightweight, water-repelling, easy to clean, adjustable, and durable, need we say more?

Reversible: you can reverse the cover for a sleek look or military look depending on your events or preference

Application: It protects and covers while still allowing access to the rear cargo area of your Jeep. In the event of an accident, it also cushions the impact, protecting your belongings. It helps keep the contents of the cargo area concealed to help deter thieves from important assets, giving you added measures of security and importantly, peace of mind.


  • CARGO PRIVACY PROTECTED with a neat look UNDER your hardtop, soft top, or topless, providing peace of mind when you park your Jeep.
  • REVERSIBLE for a sleek look or military look
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED with 2" thick strap system for durability
  • ADDED MOLLE SYSTEM on top so you can mount light items on top
  • QUICK & EASY to install, no-drilling installation fasten to factory mounting holes, no tailgate bar needed.
  • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS for your cargo area regardless if you want Full/ Half Coverage or rolling it aside to regain an open cargo space. (Patented)
  • ADDED UPPER DECK ATTACHMENT POINTS with the included 6 Tie-down D-plates allowing attaching tools, belts, straps, bags, wires, etc.
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA. Patented.


What’s Included: 1x Cargo Cover PRO 6 x Metal Tie-down D-plates (the Soft top version has 2x Tie-down D-rings for under the pillar mount)

Installation Time: 5 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

Instruction Manual: Hardtop | Soft top additional instruction

*Both tops owners please order soft top version for added hardware

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  • Hunter F

    This suits our purpose. Easy to install, lightweight, folds up small enough

  • Maria

    I purchased the cargo cover two years ago and it was so easy to install and is still going strong.

  • Doug

    Does a good job hiding golf clubs and other valuables from random eyes, and also shades groceries from the Texas summer sun.