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GPCA Dog Leash Set PRO / LITE

GPCA Dog Leash Set PRO / LITE

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  • GOOD GRIP – Solid CNC built, Fit all hands comfortably with the design intent of a SOLID grip (PRO only)
  • Works perfectly for a casual walk or even a strong pull
  • HANDS-FREE– GPCA X-GRIP works as a carabiner and a pocket/ belt clip to go with you with any outfits
  • Modernized dog clip– NO MORE finger cuts compared with a sharp latch on a normal clip (PRO only)
  • Adjustable on-the-go leash from 3-5 ft
  • 6 cores inside the outer rope
  • Tough, comfortable, and easy to wrap around your hand.
  • Add RED locking ring (Optional)


What is the material grade and finish for the Steel, and Titanium edition?

We handpicked the most hardworking material for our GPCA Carabiners:
(Ss) Stainless Steel 420 - Harden, Stone-wash finish, commonly used in knife blades and construction projects.
(Ti) Titanium TC4 - Dark Metallic, Satin finish. Excellent biocompatibility and strength-to-weight ratio. Widely used in the aerospace industry and the medical industry.
Titanium Edition multi-tools are made of Titanium which is pretty amazing that we offer all the tool modules in Titanium except the screws.
Comparing to all models, Steel and Titanium maintain the look very well over a long period of time from daily use and scratches.


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The ultimate combination of comfort and control

The GPCA Dog Leash PRO is a heavy-duty leash designed to handle all your outdoor adventures with ease. Made of high-strength climbing rope and featuring a locking carabiner, this leash is perfect for both rugged and gentle dogs alike. With its adjustable length and ergonomic handle, you can enjoy a comfortable grip and customize the amount of control you have over your pet. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood, the GPCA Dog Leash PRO is the perfect companion for all your outdoor excursions.
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GPCA Dog Leash PRO Carabiner Grip / LITE

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  • Shaun

    The build quality and finish on the Ti version is flawless.

  • Mason

    Highly recommend leash if you want to stand out from the rest and have a superior leash to boot.

  • Enzo

    One word: AMAZING! Great job guys