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GPCA Carabiner Loop LITE

GPCA Carabiner Loop LITE

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  • 1-Action Lever gate. Patented: The amazing 1-Action lever simultaneously opens/closes 2 zones on the carabiner keychain at the same time

  • 2X secure zone for keys: Now you can secure the carabiner to anything while having an easy openable end for keys and more

  • 2 carabiners extended for hanging your EDCs: Connect 2 more of them to clip onto a rope and hang your bag using the 2nd one, the possibilities are endless.

  • The elegant design works with any outfit/ use cases: Cast Aluminum Infinity loop patented design

* Not built and rated for actual rock climbing.


What is the material grade and finish ?

We handpicked the most hardworking material for our GPCA Carabiners:

(AL) Aluminum 6061, Stone-washed finish


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Your everyday carry clip. With a 1-Action Lever for swift access, dual secure zones for keys, and a sleek cast aluminum Infinity loop design. Patented.
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GPCA Carabiner Loop LITE

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