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GP Back Grip LITE

GP Back Grip LITE

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  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN for all Jeeps, Cars, Trucks, SUVs with headrest pole insert. Practical for all ages, teen, adult, or senior
  • ENGINEERED Fiber-reinforced Nylon handles with a textured finish
  • EASY IN-AND-OUT for your back seat passengers, NEVER SWING left and right on a bumpy road
  • EXTRA LEVEL OF GRIP with padding for the backseat passengers. 250LB workload.
  • COMPLIMENT to your Truck/ Sports Car/ Jeep Wrangler/ Bronco
  • SOLID 4-RING mounting system, instead of 2 rings. Anti-scratch layer to protect your pole. Never breaks
  • INCLUDES 2 Grab Handles, 2 Handle Paddings, 4 Mounting Loops (universally fits up to D16mm poles)
  • Optional Color Aluminum Handle Upgrade



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We constructed the GP Back Grip for your passengers with the intention to provide stability while still being able to enjoy every aspect of your ride. A practical solution for all ages, teens, adults, or even seniors.
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GP-Back-Grip LITE

Passengers can now Grab the Adventure Too!

How often have you caught yourself looking for a pair of passenger grab handles for your vehicle and have come up empty-handed? For many years, you might have only been able to find some rubber handles or other commonly used substitutes that are often too weak or wiggly and are dated-looking, but you see them on almost every other vehicle.

We have the solution to your problem! Our GP Back Grip was designed and handcrafted to provide car enthusiasts alike with a pleasant ride. We constructed the GP Grip Back Grip with the intention to provide stability while still being able to enjoy every aspect of your ride. A practical solution for all ages, teens, adults, or even seniors.

Solid Built Passenger Handle: Introducing the GP Back Grip LITE, the engineered fiber-filled Nylon grab handle, made for car enthusiasts like you.

GPCA GP Back Grip Lite headrest handle for car truck jeep passengers

Top Quality Design: Our unique Double-ring headrest mount and Solіd-buіlt handles are sophisticated and designed with details corresponding to the Jeep design elements. With extra padded protection on the mount to help secure the handle in place, this item was built to last. After a quick installation, you wіll experience a solіd and sturdy grip for all your rides on or off-road, or simply getting in and out.

Application: Solid construction, no more swinging left and right. These handles will provide your passengers the opportunity for a sturdy ride while attacking your adventures head-on!

And much more:

  • EXTRA LEVEL OF GRIP with added ribs and handle padding
  • Stylish compliment to your car interior.
  • Solid 8-RING mounting system, instead of 4 rings. Never break.
  • Package includes: TWO(2) Grab Handles 4 Handle Headrest Loops (fits standard D15mm or smaller pole for most cars with post insert type headrest)
  • Optional GP-Grip Color Aluminum Handle Upgrade


Fitment: All cars with Pole-Type Headrests

Installation Time: 5 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Instruction Manual: Click Here

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  • Don | Developer

    My mom is 5’4” and we have a 4runner. She prefers the back seat, but would struggle to get in because she couldn’t reach the assist bar on the ceiling from the ground. These allow her to get in AND slide over easily

  • Roger | Principal

    When I saw these I had to give them a try, and they work perfectly! I like that they're red so they stand out/easy to find contrasting against my black leather.

  • Jen | Coordinator

    Very well made. Fast delivery. My only issue is I can't decide if I like it better with or without the velcro padded pad.. I like it both ways.. with and without