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Mitten Pet Hair Remover

Mitten Pet Hair Remover

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Introducing the GPCA Mitten, your new go-to for effortlessly removing pet hair and lint. With one swipe, this self-cleaning and reusable mitt clears away messes from furniture and clothing. Its delightful cat and dog face design brings a smile to your face while its clear instructions with a winking eye ensure you swipe in the right direction. Plus, it comes with a bonus finger mitt for hard-to-reach areas. Say goodbye to wasteful lint rollers and hello to a clean, eco-friendly solution.

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  • Connie

    Doggo, kitty, and mama approved. We love it! I used it on long hair cats and short hair chiweenies. After a few passes it made their coat so soft. We really like the small mitten it was less scary for my doggo and she also liked the pets while she napped. They are very well-made and sturdy. I highly recommend it ♥️

  • Vicky

    Great design and very effective. This is a very effective hair and lint remover with a very clever design. The instructions are simple and easy to remember because I usually need to figure out which way to swipe before I can use it or hairs and lints will be released mistakenly. The “wink” arrows on both sides are great idea, see pictures. It is clearly mark no matter which hand I am using it with and no need to study the direction of the velvet brush.

  • LC

    Works on pet and people hair. The Winking Mitten might be intended for pet hair and lint, but I’m happy to report it also works on people hair.

    I have long hair and shed as much as any pet, so I was looking for an easy way to clean up some of my shed hair before running the vacuum. I broke a vacuum in the past because it couldn’t handle all my hair. So! I used the mitt around my bed and I couldn’t believe how much hair it picked up.