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GPCA X-Clip Keychain Set

GPCA X-Clip Keychain Set

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BE ON BOTH sides of Modern & Wild

Beautifully CNC Machined Steel Keychain

Introducing the X CLIP Keychain, with 360 spinning head ring and the universal-tie, it tethers anything you wanted to take on, key, knife, EDC tools, you name it. A large finger grip socket is addictive to fidget in your hand and dial for the best grip when you clip or unclip. It’s built to achieve a simple task, be with you can take whatever you need! Patented.

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  • Chris

    I just opened up my order tonight and everything was great. Incredible build quality and design as usual!

  • William

    Five Stars all the way. These are truly next level. The quality and construction are outstanding in the segment.

  • Shirley

    Thanks so much and definitely looking forward to these. Father's day gift for my husband!