GP 1945 Pen FAQ

What are the difference between GP1945 Bolt Action Pen PRO and LITE?

Feature GP1945 Pen PRO GP1945 Pen LITE
Material Aluminum, Titanium Aluminum
Bolt Action Mechanism Yes Yes
Survival Whistle Yes (Multi-tone) Yes (Multi-tone)
Emergency Breaker Tungsten Steel No
Measurement Tool Yes (1-inch and 10mm notches on grip) Yes (1-inch and millimeter)
Grip Machined grip with measurement notches Machined grip with measurement notches
Window Breaker Tip Yes No
Open Flat Top No Yes
Extra Refill Yes Yes
Colors Black, Silver, Dark Ti Black, Silver

What are the weight differences among the Titanium, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel versions?

The GP1945 Aluminum Bolt Action Plus Pen is around 1.4 oz.
The Titanium version is about 0.6 oz more weight than the Aluminum.
The Stainless Steel is about 1.4 oz more than the Aluminum version being the heaviest.


What grade is the Titanium on the GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen Ti?

Titanium is a stronger metal than gold. The whole pen body is machined out of one solid block of Titanium. We hand-picked the TC4(A-3) Titanium which has excellent corrosion resistance, super high strength. It is proven in the aerospace industry application.

The commonly used TA1 Titanium is easier to machine and much softer than the Aerospace TC4 on our GP1945 Bolt Action Pen, but since our pen has much more complexity on the geometry and fine details than many other minimalist pens, we go with the high strength selection.


Does the glass breaker tip really work?

Yes. Watch the glass test video from Spotter UP and Gizmodo Japan

*The breaker point is usually located near the corner of the window, instead of the center of the glass, easier to strike and escape in an emergency!

How does MG-Core work?

Install the MG-Core
You can unscrew pen head near the nib, take out the refill and spring, and then unscrew the bolt action screw from your current bolt action core, please use a piece of fabric to cover the bolt to prevent unnecessary scratches from screwing. put the MG-Core in the same way. The MG-Core is now integrated with the GP 1945 Pen, you can take it with you.

Use the MG-Core
When you need to get the fire, take out the MG-Core from the pen body, screw the bolt back on, now your finger can rest against the MG-Core and strike it on any hard surfaces. You will need to find/ bring the material that can catch the spark and turn the spark into the fire, it will take some time to practice.

*For warranty reason, we don't recommend to strike on the pen since it's metal to metal contact and it takes some time to grind and get enough magnesium powder to fire up, and will eventually scratch the pen. You can always use rock, concrete, sharp knife or the tungsten steel tip on our pen top to scratch up the powder and strike the core for fire.

Will you have the knurling detail on the Titanium version too?

The GP 1945 Titanium versions are all smooth on the grip area, we hand-picked the TC4 grade Titanium which is much tougher and durable than the T1 others normally used. This kind of extremely solid metal is long-lasting and timeless but not knurling friendly compared to the soft T1 grade, and part of the important decision during the development is the look and feel of the Titanium pen, the smooth surface really celebrates the beauty of the Titanium material. It makes it unique and clean compared to the tougher look on the black Aluminum version, we hope you like it.


I need more refills for my GP 1945, where can I get them?

You can get the GP22 Refill/ Cartridge for the GP 1945 pen from our store or Amazon storefront anytime.


What is the nib type and how long will the GP 1945 refill last?

It's the medium-point type compact cartridge to accommodate features on the pen body. The GP22 Refill provides around 800-1000' writing, it's a bit shorter compared to the full-sized regular refill type to accommodate other design features on the pen. Since it's always in shipping before arriving at your hands, vibration in the carrier's truck or airplane and different environments could form some air bubbles in the refill, please stand it upright for a few days to get the best performance out of your refill.


How do I change the GP 1945 GP22 refill?

To change the GP 1945 Bolt Action Pen refill/ cartridge (GP22 Refill), you can follow these simple steps:
1. Retract the nib into the pen body first, and then unscrew the front under the grip section
2. Take out the spring and the refill from the inside
3. Put the sprint on the new refill, and then feed the refill back into the pen body, make sure the refill top-end is rested inside the pen bolt action core
Screw the front back on. DONE

*If you have the GP 1945 MG-Core upgrade, you can unscrew the regular bolt, take out the core, and follow the same steps above. Or resting the MG-Core on the refill before you insert them back could make screwing the bolt back on a bit easier.


Is the GP 1945 Pen customizable with accessories?

Yes! The GP 1945 pen is a modular system, you can select the accessories from the following list and we are developing more to the system, follow us and stay tuned.

  1. MG-Core
  2. GP Pen Clip
  3. GP22 Refill Black
  4. GP22 Refill Blue


What is different about the GP 1945 LITE version?

The GP 1945 LITE has an open-end pen tip instead of the window breaker tip, so you can pick up the pen and use the multi-tone whistle anytime without unscrewing the window breaker tip from the end. The flat head design is the best fit for desktop and outdoor use.


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