GP-Grip PRO Survivor


Limited time Free-shipping.
Worry-Free Return Guaranteed from a U.S. company

  1. Aero-grade Aluminum built metal handle (Patented)
  2. Solid never swing back and forth, stabilize you on/ offroading
  3. Foldable handle to make in/ out of the Jeep easy or enjoy a full window view
  4. With an inner pocket for cards, keys, etc.
  5. Handle padding wrap for an extra level of grip
  6. Utility pouch for Pens or any tools
  7. G1 Safety Pen to break the window or defend yourself in an emergency (GP-Grip Pro Survivor Pack only)
  8. Universal design fits all 4 door window roll bars, rear sport bar for both driver and passengers (installation for the driver side / passenger side)
  9. GP-Grip is compatible with JL, 4xe, JT, JK, and 3″ diameter rollbar Jeep and vehicle
  10. Color upgrade / Utility Case Add-on available (optional)
  • GP-Grip Pro includes 1 GP-Grip with inner pocket, utility pouch, and handle padding.
  • GP-Grip Pro Survivor includes 1 GP-Grip with inner pocket, utility pouch, handle padding, and 1 G1 Safety Pen.