GP Back Grip LITE


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  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN for all Jeeps, Cars, Trucks, SUVs with headrest pole insert. Practical for all ages, teen, adult, or senior
  • ENGINEERED Fiber-reinforced Nylon handles with a textured finish
  • EASY IN-AND-OUT for your back seat passengers, NEVER SWING left and right on a bumpy road
  • EXTRA LEVEL OF GRIP with padding for the backseat passengers. 250LB workload.
  • COMPLIMENT to your Truck/ Sports Car/ Jeep Wrangler/ Bronco
  • SOLID 4-RING mounting system, instead of 2 rings. Anti-scratch layer to protect your pole. Never breaks
  • INCLUDES 2 Grab Handles, 2 Handle Paddings, 4 Mounting Loops (universally fits up to D16mm poles)
  • Optional GP-Back-Grip Color Aluminum Handle Upgrade