What does GPCA stand for?

We are a California-based product firm building original gear for all Jeep enthusiasts (patent pending). GPCA stands for “General Purpose California”. We take inspiration from “Jeep”, a phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation GP, or “General-Purpose”, that was used as part of the official Army nomenclature in WWII.

What is GPCA Jeep Wrangler trunk cargo cover designed for?

GPCA JL cargo cover is designed for the 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL .
GPCA JK cargo cover is designed for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK .
It is a flexible cover with multiple configurations.

The Pro version of our cargo cover is designed for Jeeps with, or without a top.
Both of them are compatible with the Quick-Release Thumb Anchor Bolt to enhance the cargo area usage and provide all-around cargo area privacy.

What is the difference between the Cargo Cover LITE and the Cargo Cover PRO?

The GPCA Cargo Cover Pro is an upgrade to our bestselling Cargo Cover LITE

  1. Designed for both top-on or top-less models
  2. Double-layer with MOLLE system to mount accessories
  3. Reversible for 2 different looks, plain or military look
  4. Newly designed Tie-Down D-Plates serves as an upgrade allowing more accessories to be mounted

Why should I install a GPCA Cargo Cover?

1. It provides full privacy to your JL/ JK cargo, deterring thieves
2. It provides a clean appearance for your cargo area.
3. It helps prevent valuable cargo from flying around during sudden
4. It rolls/folds and stores in a very compact roll/pack in seconds.
6. It transforms to fit your need in multiple configurations. It can even accommodate 2DR’s back seat setup.
7. It is integrated with a rear seat strap that can hold the JK 2DR rear seat up when it is folded.

If my hardtop window is tinted, and I have a tarp, why do I still need a GPCA Cargo Cover?

A tinted window is similar to giving those car burglars a nice pair of sunglasses. They can still see what you have in your car. It’s not the best way to keep things out of sight. You also lose the 360-degree clear view that your Jeep brings you. Just take a look at this playlist of car thefts from Jeep.

A tarp can cover your cargo, but let’s be honest, it’s not the cleanest look and it is very easy to tell whether or not there is stuff underneath. Here at GPCA we specifically designed our cargo covers to form fit your Jeep with a neat look and multiple configurations for clean, yet versatile look.

Will this work for my soft top? Is there a recommended way to fasten/use the cover with the soft top folded down?

Yes. If you have a JL/ JK soft top, you will need our Jeep Wrangler Quick Release Anchor Bolt  (or M8-1.25X25 bolts and nuts from any local hardware store like ACE) to hold down the included Tie-down D-rings.  The Hardtop comes with 6 of these bolts. With the soft top folded down, you can either loosen the fastener a bit to keep it in place, or you can roll the cover and store it like this, or simply tuck it away.

How well does it hold up with the soft top or hardtop removed at HWY speeds?

For both top-less and top-on, the Cargo Cover PRO is your top choice.
The GPCA Cargo Cover LITE is built as a privacy cover to hide your valuables under a JL or JK soft/hard-top. Some users have reported having no problem driving without their top around town. But we only recommend using the cover under the top to hide your valuables. Other hard trunk covers/boxes, that secure your belongings when the top is off, serve the specific purpose, but it is pricey and not as flexible. Imagine you got a big tall item to transport under a soft/ hardtop, you can easily tuck away a GPCA cover on the side or convert it to a half trunk coverage in a minute. but for a hard cargo cover/lid/box, they are not going anywhere without significant effort.

What tools do I need to install a GPCA cargo cover?

A T40 Torx (JK) or a T50 Torx (JL) Screwdriver. * No tool is required if your hardtop has the Hardtop/ Cover Quick Release Anchor Bolt Kit.
If you have a soft top, you will need to check the clearance of the 6 mounting holes, and this compatible Jeep Wrangler Quick Release Anchor Bolt  (or M8-1.25 bolts and nuts from any local hardware store like ACE) to hold down the included Tie-down D-rings.

I have both hardtop and soft top on my JL, which cover model should I choose?

Select the Soft top. The soft top version has additional hardware for the soft top and necessary hardware for your hard top.
* If you have a Sky One-Touch Power Top, 6 screw holes on the tub edge are covered by the side window panel on both sides. You will need to remove the windows, and then install the tie-downs under the tub edge instead of the top of the tub edge which requires 6 extra M8 nuts (standard size from a local hardware store, we currently don’ t provide these nuts in the soft top package).

one touch power top added tie down for GPCA

How to install the GPCA JL Cargo Cover?

Step 1: Remove the 6 Torx screws which are holding down the Jeep hard top.
Step 2: Insert the included 6 Tie-down D-rings/ D-plates under the bolt, fasten the screw, or use the GPCA Quick Release to replace the factory screws.
Step 3: Mount the cover:

a. Mount the middle row straps FIRST and align the rollbar base openings to the rollbar base (not the rollbar itself)
b. Mount the angled straps next to the back seat gently. Be sure to not over-tighten the 2 straps as this may cause misalignment from too much pulling. * Soft top owner needs to demount the top pillar to install a pair of D-ring/ D-plate
c. Mount the straps near the tailgate gently. Please balance the cover and DO NOT pull too hard. Make sure the side end panels are resting on top of the plastic base instead of under it. *With a soft top, when it collapses it takes over some cargo space under the tub edge. Before you fold the top, the nearest 2 end-straps need to be adjusted to provide the space needed for the folded soft top. The cargo space is still covered when the soft top is down.

Download GPCA JL 4DR Cargo Cover Owner’s Manual PRO / LITE (PDF)
Additional steps are required for JL soft top owner (PDF)

How to install the GPCA JK Cargo Cover?

Step 1: Remove the 6 Torx screws which are holding down the Jeep hard top.
Step 2: Insert the included 6 Tie-down D-rings/ D-plates under the washer and the bolt, fasten the screws. or use the GPCA Quick Release to replace the factory screws. * Hand hold the retainer under the tub edge flat, make sure the bolt aligns with the center hole on the retainer, secure it.
Step 3: Attach the Velcro on the straps (LITE PLUS) or snap the hooks on with the logo side up (LITE).
Step 4: Adjust the straps (similar to backpack straps) to your desired tightness with care.

Download GPCA Jeep Wrangler JKU/ JK Cargo Cover USER MANUAL (PDF): 4DR LITE  / 4DR LITE PLUS / 4DR PRO /   2DR LITE PLUS


Watch the demo video for both LITE and PRO installations